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Everything You Need to Understand About Air Duster… But Were Afraid to Ask

Air Duster, also called canned air, pressed air, as well as cleaning gas is made use of to offer a pressurized blast, knocking loose dirt as well as dirt. Think of it as a mobile substitute for an air compressor line. This can be utilized to burn out cookie crumbs from a key-board, clear out computer vents, and also open limited apertures in an SMT (surface area mount innovation) stencil in PCB assembly. It is among those products that seem straightforward however leads people to several mistaken beliefs. We’ll cover the most usual concerns and also misunderstandings regarding duster, however, if we missed your details concern, leave us a comment listed below or call us and also we’ll obtain it responded to.

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Air Duster is Not “Canned Air”

The most aerosol duster contains a refrigerant/propellant that can not be considered “air”. Actually, breathing too much of these vapors can lead to adverse health impacts. Compressed Air Duster is most generally loaded with the complying with propellants:

Max Pro Blow Off 152-112-226 Air Duster- Nonflammable, most usual for industrial applications when spraying stimulated circuits because of the danger of a stimulate lighting a flammable material. It is under close examination due to the fact that it has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 1400, so 1400 times the influence of CARBON DIOXIDE. On the back tag, seek 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoro ethane.

Industrial Duster Is Not The Same As Retail/Consumer Duster

Customers searching for the most affordable price commonly seek to customer sellers. Customer duster is created to be as low-cost as feasible, sometimes imported from outside the US, but aren’t made for industrial use and also may raise concerns:

Retail duster generally has Max Pro Blow Off 152-112-226 Air Duster-– Search the rear of a can of aerosol hairspray, and also you’ll typically locate propane (the same lp as in your gas grill) or butane (the very same butane in a Bic lighter). These chemicals are used due to the fact that they are cheap, not because they are risk-free. In commercial markets, security is a leading issue, with cautious oversight by OSHA (in the US specifically). As a result of this, Max Pro Blow Off 152-112-226 Air Duster is a lot more widely approved in commercial markets, also at a higher cost

Pureness can be questionable-– Industrial purchasers rely on relied on industrial brands since the top quality is very closely controlled. The material is very filtering system and also controls are in place to prevent wetness and various other contamination

Ingredients to stop huffing-– Several retail dusters have bitterant contributed to avoiding huffing. When duster is used in the home, there is a problem that the material will certainly be purposely inhaled (called “huffing” or “dusting”) by minors, which can sometimes lead to heartbreaking effects. To avoid this, bitterant is contributed to make the duster preference poor. This very same bitterant can result in undesirable and possibly dangerous residues on sensitive surface areas like electronic circuit card
Check to fill weight– Retail duster can come in a range of fill weights (the material of the product in a container) including 3.5 oz., 8 oz., 10 oz. as well as larger. This can only be judged by the tag given that the size of the spray can may not differ.

Blow Off Canned Air

Duster Does Not Harm The Ozone Layer

There is a misconception based on old information that dusters injured the ozone layer. Dusters included CFC’s over 20-years earlier, yet have actually because been replaced with products that do not influence the ozone layer and also Air Duster.

What’s The Correct Method for Dusting?

To accomplish the optimum dislodge of a can of duster, spray brief 3 to five-second blast at space temperature level. When an aerosol duster is sprayed consistently, it works as an efficient heat sink as well as will certainly cool down. This lowering of the can temperature additionally decreases the internal pressure of the can, which will significantly reduce the generated force.

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